What Telemarketing Has Taught Me and How It Improved My Sales Approach

What Telemarketing Has Taught Me and How It Improved My Sales Approach

Telemarketing is not a mere job, it’s a profession. It requires knowledge and skills and a lot of work values in order for one to survive and succeed in it. Along with the daily tasks, sales, leads, appointments, call volume and rejection from prospects are what completes a telemarketer’s day in the office.

Having been a telemarketer myself, I can say that this profession has taught me many lessons from sources I never expected.

The Data List

Most people who go the grocery keep a list of their needs either on a paper or on their phone memo, teachers refer to a class record to keep track of their students’ performances and the billions of mobile users treat their phone, the contact list in particular, as one of the most important things which they can’t leave home without. However, discrepancies in these data list can negatively impact tasks, systems and processes. Like if you go pick groceries without a list, chances are you’d miss some items like toilet paper, a teacher can never gauge a student’s progress without keeping track of his scores and miss a call from a client who intends to close the deal today due to a phone left at home.

A database should be organized and must contain the most accurate data which is viable in achieving goals. This tells us that we have to continuously learn new skills and acquire knowledge to keep ourselves with the most accurate information in order to become consistently valuable and integral in the field we serve.

Lead Nurture Tool

When a prospect says “call me back on…”, a telemarketer may suggest a schedule to the prospect but must prioritize the prospect’s decision or his most convenient time. The lead nurture tool will be your best assistant in keeping track of time and constant communication with the prospect.

This teaches patience – knowing how to wait for the right time until the lead matures or the prospect is ready to move forward, and respect – adhering to the agreed schedule.

Proper utilization of the lead nurture tool in your daily telemarketing tasks will bring about effective communication by allowing you to send the right message to the right person at the right time, at the same time build a partnership between you and your prospect.

And from the subject itself, I have learned that getting your prospect to say YES to products and services you offer is just part of the process, but educating them about the benefits and how these can help their business grow is tip-top.