Why Outsourcing Telemarketing Will Give You More Singapore B2B Leads

Why Outsourcing Telemarketing Will Give You More Singapore B2B Leads

Lead generation telemarketing is one of the most effective and is the most widely used method of connecting with your prospect over the telephone. If you are serious about getting high-quality Singapore sales-ready leads and want to turn cold calls into hot leads, then this article is for you.

Telemarketing requires time and effort especially if you don’t have enough resources to handle this kind of responsibility. It is no secret that telemarketing is often underestimated as a lead generation tool, as a result, company owners and even marketing managers tend to assign telemarketing work to part-timers and recent hires. The result is that these employees are not too enthusiastic about their work, much less knowledgeable about what is expected of them. Moreover, because they have no dedicated managers and supervisors and those assigned to them are already preoccupied with other company responsibilities, they can’t monitor the telemarketing work properly, further decreasing the chance of getting any business leads from the campaign.

Here are the reasons why successful companies consider outsourcing B2B lead generation to experts.

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#1: Any good calling company starts with a good calling list.

Telemarketing companies have a list of targeted databases of different Managers, C-level people, VPs, and Presidents of different organizations. A successful B2B campaign requires the right data because nobody wants to be called or call the same company over and over again. Here’s how to get targeted list in Singapore with the help of an outsourced lead generation company. 

#2: All B2B telemarketing companies invest in their people by hiring and training them.

They have telemarketers that are better equipped to handle any and all types of people over the phone, resulting in more amiable B2B leads.

#3: Have a customized campaign based on your target market.

Your cold calling campaign strategy can immediately be adjusted according to the client to get better results.

#4: You can get more for every penny you spend, and save more in the long run.

Get qualified sales-ready leads in every campaign.

#5: Talk to those who matter.

You don’t need to do prospecting and cold calling. Instead, of reaching out to different people, connect only to interested prospects who are ready to talk about your products or service. Telemarketing companies have experienced sales reps that are capable of finding these prospects for you. Update your list and eliminate outdated business contacts.

#6: Focus on your main responsibilities.

Managing and training your sales reps requires energy. Outsourcing a company of professional and skilled sales reps will help you focus on your job responsibilities such as planning for a marketing campaign for a new product or service.

#7: Have the right tool.

Telemarketing companies invest in providing quality service with the right tools from the database to reporting that they need to do the job.

Here are some examples of calling technologies we used at Callbox:

Here is what you can expect if you outsource a telemarketing company to do B2B lead generation for you.

  • Your existing business processes will have an increase in productivity because of the decreased workload of your employees.
  • Increase your conversion rate. Your B2B leads are more likely to be converted into sales.
  • You can save money and generate more.
  • Growth in your business as your telemarketing campaign can convert more leads.

Having a healthy sales operation means the company has a good source of sales-ready leads. And there are many ways to solve the problem of how to get better B2B leads. Outsourcing a telemarketing company to handle this for you is the most efficient way to do it to sustain the growth of your business. If you want a telemarketing campaign for your Singapore business, then don’t waste any time and seek an experienced and professional telemarketing services provider right from the start.

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