From New Logos to Upsells: 4 Non-techie Ways of Selling Technology

For business leaders who:

  • Owner icon Run a business
  • Salesperson icon Manage a team of salespeople
  • Marketing staff icon Drive revenue through lead generation

Here’s what you can learn:

  • Learn how to sell tech without talking about the tech
  • Actionable tips and examples of various B2B tech selling techniques
  • How to communicate your business benefits to different tech buyers

Why Join This Webinar?

Selling tech services and products is never that easy. There’s a lot of nuances within the different selling techniques, and oftentimes your techie jargons would fly over your customer’s heads as it can come off as too intimidating. The key in selling your tech is in the ability to sell and market it in a non-techie way.

In this webinar, we’re going to discuss the most effective ways to sell technology to different tech buyers so you can drive more new logo sales and/or upsells. Whether you’re trying to sell your service/product to a well-versed tech company or not, these 4 ways will help you sell more effectively.

Grab the opportunity to grow your company better.