Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing

Ensure good attendance rates and gain high-value sales leads from your online events with Callbox Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing services.

Webinars are great for every business. Whether your goal is to build brand value, establish thought leadership, or generate good quality sales leads, webinars offer a wide range of opportunities that modern businesses can and should be taking advantage of.

Callbox helps you plan, promote, run, and manage online events. We take care of the end-to-end marketing of your webinar, from planning all the way to the wrap-up.

We help our clients with virtual events of all kinds:

  • Webinars

  • Workshops

  • Product Demos

  • Online Conferences

Callbox helps you promote, run and manage your virtual event from end to end.

  • Pre-Webinar Promotion

    • Email Templates
    • Call Scripts
    • Landing Pages and Forms
    • Promotional Materials
  • Webinar Facilitation

    • Practice Session
    • Speaker(s) Introduction
    • Attendee Engagement
    • Q&A Moderation
  • Webinar Reports and Feedback

    • Video Recording
    • Audience Feedback
    • Q&A Reports
    • Pre & Post-Event Metrics

Webinar Marketing Kit

We prepare, design and promote webinar marketing materials for you.

1 Reach High-Value Prospects

Reach ideal target contacts through multiple channels and invite them to an event they can easily attend, even from the comfort of their own home! Rather than have you wait and hope for them to drop by your booth, let’s get your prospects signed up and excited to hear from you!

2 Nurture their Interest

Drive their interest with relevant promotional materials as we set-up and assist you with your webinar from start to finish. Send email invites that speak to your webinar theme. Don’t worry about the technical part, we got you covered from start to finish!

3 Communicate your message

Be it a webinar to nurture prospects or pitch your product, focus on communicating your message as we take care of the rest. Leverage our webinar tools and marketing expertise to deliver your message and ensure a successful virtual event.

4 Convert that lead

With the success of your webinar, drive actual ROI with your warm leads. Analyze reports and registrant information. With our follow-up emails and calls, and your webinar recording, your leads are sure to be a step closer to becoming your customer.


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