Callbox Spotlight How A Leading Tech Company Won 8 Deals in 6 Months

The discussion will delve more on the details of the ABM Lead Generation process that Callbox design for tech companies, and the step by step actions taken to ensure the success of the campaign.

Learn the right marketing tools and strategies that will get you prepped for your next outbound marketing campaign and keep you afloat in the competition.

The speaker

Rona is Callbox’s Events and PR Manager. She’s responsible for drafting high-converting sales and marketing collaterals that help educate the clients in making wise decisions. Prior to her finding a home in the Marketing team, Rona joined several other teams in the company. She conducted new-hire training in the HR & Training Department, generated leads for the Internal Sales group, and mentored the APAC Software & Financial cluster as Production Leader. Her diverse experience honed her product knowledge and skills which she optimizes as usable content for Callbox and its clients.

Mitos Aguadera is a Client Services Manager at Callbox. She has been with the company for more than a decade and has kept the same drive for excellence since her first day until now. Mitos liaises with cross-functional internal teams to ensure key performance indicators execution and achievement and improve the entire customer experience.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • Acquire in-depth understanding of the processes used in the ABM Lead Generation campaign that can help win deals
  • Learn the best practices that you can apply in managing a lead generation campaign from an outbound marketing expert
  • Discover tools and tactics that work best for tech companies in achieving growth
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