8 Reasons Why Telemarketing in SG Could Be Your Best Move

reasons why telemarketing in SG could be your best move

Customers will want to talk to you if they believe you can solve their problems.

“The King of Sales” Jeffrey Gitomer, a renowned speaker and author

Today’s digitally-driven B2B market moves at bullet speed, and you may wonder if telemarketing, often dubbed “traditional, ” is still relevant. It certainly is, especially in Singapore’s bustling market where cutting through digital noise is challenging. When generic emails and impersonal ads no longer suffice, telemarketing does the job.

Telemarketing remains a powerful tool alongside digital marketing as it allows for real-time engagement with potential customers, fostering deeper connections through phone calls and even video conferencing.

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4 Types of Telemarketing

Before we proceed let’s first have a refresher on the different types of telemarketing activities: 


Outbound telemarketing involves sales agents reaching out to potential and current customers to build relationships. Cold calling includes outbound calls where sales representatives call potential customers, regardless of their interest in your product or service.


These calls are generated by inbound inquiries from advertising or sales efforts, making them “warm” as customers have shown interest online or are familiar with the company.

Lead generation

This involves gathering information on potential customers’ profiles, interests, and demographics. Telemarketing lead generation is a direct method that uses phone calls to reach potential customers, aiming to generate interest in new products or services and qualify prospects based on the desired target demographic.


Sales telemarketers aim to close deals on the phone by engaging potential customers through lead qualification, direct sales, or appointment setting. This approach helps businesses efficiently convert leads into customers by highlighting product benefits and addressing concerns directly.

Is Telemarketing Your Best Move Yet? Here’s Why

While social media and content marketing excel at brand awareness, telemarketing enables personalized communication and relationship building, ultimately leading to qualified leads and sales opportunities. This approach is valuable for businesses looking for new ways to reach customers and for professionals wanting to improve their communication skills.

Although having had a bad reputation from mass calls to uninterested people, reputable practitioners have eliminated these practices. Many regions now ban them, with heavy fines or closure for non-compliant telemarketers.

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It’s time to ditch the misconceptions about telemarketing and see why it can work for your business. The industry is projected to reach US$38.24 million in ad spend by 2024, highlighting its continued relevance in the Singaporean market. This potential is backed by global data: 60% of marketing managers at Fortune 500 companies report success in reaching customers and closing deals through telemarketing. 

While digital interactions dominate the business sector, Singaporeans value human touch – 86% of consumers prefer real people over chatbots. Telemarketing’s success hinges on active listening. Statistics show that the ideal talk-to-listen ratio for sales calls is 55:45, ensuring genuine conversations that convert leads into sales opportunities. Capitalizing on the desire for personalization, allows you to connect with potential customers directly and see continuous business growth.

1. Telemarketing as a lead generator

One of the best things about telemarketing is it works for businesses of all sizes. It proves to be effective in reaching new customers and keeping them informed.  Its flexibility allows instant lead generation, product promotion, and feedback collection. When integrated with sales teams, telemarketing leads to better results as it helps develop marketing strategies, create opportunities, and strengthen your brand.

2. Real-time lead transfers and appointment setting

Telemarketing supports your sales team by providing pre-qualified leads and nurturing interest, allowing representatives to focus on building relationships with qualified prospects and increasing conversion rates. Confirmed appointments ensure efficient interactions, maximizing sales time and avoiding unqualified contacts. Ultimately, telemarketing helps convert leads into sales opportunities that drive business growth.

3. It humanizes your brand

Telemarketing enables your team to engage customers with a personalized approach, helping to build rapport, address concerns, and establish trust. These factors are essential for getting more conversions, enhancing brand awareness and credibility, increasing engagement, and building brand loyalty.

4. Lowers operational costs

Especially when outsourced, telemarketing offers a cost-effective way to generate leads, promote products, and conduct market research. This approach saves not only money but also time as it allows you to reach a wider audience and convert leads faster. Compared to other methods, it requires minimal investment, including dedicated telemarketers, basic equipment, and online tools.

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5. Refines your offerings through immediate feedback

Telemarketing helps you gauge interest and gather valuable insights by providing real-time customer feedback. This direct interaction allows you to understand customer experiences and address their concerns.

Collecting feedback builds stronger relationships and shows your commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, this feedback informs product and service improvements, giving you a competitive edge.

6. Develops detailed databases

One advantage of telesales is maintaining an up-to-date database. This includes determining customer demographics and asking relevant questions such as age, gender, income, and location. This helps you spot common issues and patterns, reducing operational costs and boosting sales in the long run.

7. Directly connects you with decision-makers

B2B sales cycles can be notoriously slow as they often involve busy decision-makers and gatekeepers who can delay or block communication. Telemarketing saves time by connecting you directly with the right decision-maker. This way, you can present your value proposition and close deals faster.

8. Facilitates in-person meetings

Telemarketing is great for setting appointments because it suits different customer preferences. Some like phone calls, while others prefer in-person meetings. With this setup, you can do demos, clarify technical issues, connect personally, understand clients better, and answer questions quickly. Being proactive in scheduling appointments improves client engagement and satisfaction.

Discover Telemarketing Solutions for your B2B business

The rise of digital marketing in the B2B has led to increased automated communications. While these tools prove to be efficient, they lack a personal touch that promotes deeper relationships among customers. Strategic telemarketing, when integrated with digital efforts outsourced to a trusted expert well-versed in the Singaporean market, can bridge this gap. 

Partnering with a local specialist like Callbox Singapore offers key benefits. Our culturally attuned B2B telemarketing strategies leverage a deep understanding of local business practices, regulations, and communication styles. Our multi-touch multi-channel strategy guarantees that only high-quality leads enter your pipeline. 

When it comes to telemarketing success, local expertise matters. Integrate professional expertise with your digital efforts for winning strategies with a humanized approach that strengthens relationships, builds trust with decision-makers, and drives sales growth.