6 Marketing Ideas in Selling a Medical Software

6 Marketing Ideas to Sell a Medical Software

Medical appointment scheduling, diagnostic software, medical database software, medical equipment planning software, etc. These technologies are important to all medical practice to address the needs of all healthcare stakeholders and provide healthcare assistance to everyone.

Many medical software companies strive to develop high-quality software to improve the quality of care for their patients. With too many medical software available in the market, many doctors, clinics, hospitals, etc are having a hard time looking for the right software for their business.

Here are 6 marketing ideas to sell a medical software.

#1. Email marketing

This is an effective way of bringing new leads for many health care providers. It is also their most preferred method of communication with their clients.

According to MedData Medical Technology Marketing Industry Trends Report, 62% of physicians and other health care providers communicate via email  and 75% of them use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to check their emails.

(Image Source: MedData Medical Technology Marketing Industry Trends Report)

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#2. Mobile Marketing Campaign

Almost everyone has a mobile device. Doctors, physicians, and other healthcare providers don’t just use mobile devices to check their emails. They also use it to research for information on how to improve their services.

How to make your mobile marketing campaign effective?

  • Have a responsive website
  • Make “About” and “Contact Us” pages accessible for mobile audience
  • Make phone number and email address easily accessible in your website
  • Create easy sign-up forms (with not so much information to fill in).

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#3. Publish quality content

New contents publish every day is not effective if you don’t produce good articles. High-quality contents should contain in-depth information about your niche specific for your target audience.

How to create an effective content?

  • Know your target audience
  • Brainstorm for topics (make sure it should be within your niche)
  • Identify popular keywords your audience use
  • Promote your content

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#4. Create videos

A one or two-minute video about how your product works for audience engagement will do. What to include?

  • Product breakdown
  • Benefits your audience will get

TIP: You can create an animated video that tells stories about how your software makes the life of your customer easy.

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#5. Host Business Events

In today’s marketing world, you have to be competitive to stand out. Hosting a memorable event creates a lasting impression for your company by allowing them to experience your product first hand. Event marketing is a good way to:

  • Promote brand awareness
  • Make connections
  • Build relationship
  • Gain trust of your prospective customers
  • An opportunity to generate new leads for your business

#6. Develop Referral program

Marketing referrals is a good way to gain new customers. Physicians, doctors, and other healthcare providers have different organizations and are familiar with each other. Reach out to your previous and current clients and ask if they have friends, colleagues or family members who are looking for medical software or if not, ask if they can provide a word of mouth to them.

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