Planning Ahead to Maximize Your Post-Event Marketing Campaign

Planning Ahead to Maximize Your Post-Event Marketing Campaign

Aim high and hit the mark! That’s exactly and literally what MailOnLine did and achieved when they held a dinner party on Mt. Everest.

Planning ahead for your marketing event is not enough, but careful planning is. Here are surefire tips in planning ahead to maximize your post-event marketing campaign:

Set realistic and targeted goals

Physical or offline events are a lot costly than online or virtual events, and ROI is a major consideration. Limit your goal to registration and attendance pattern, making sure that your event is well-attended by the right people. The pattern will show that the percentage of qualified attendees is a high indicator of success.

You may also include possible scenarios in the pattern like best case, worst case and risks, which by the way must be identified and managed up front.

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Have a strong and creative theme

A dinner party at 23,000ft on Everest and wearing a suit or a gown despite the -25c weather may be the silliest idea for an event, but what made it successful was the impossibility, uniqueness, and creativity which drew interest for people to join and support the quest.

Your event must have the cohesive look and feel to your target attendees to create a perfect brand experience. How your booth looks, your collaterals presented and the kind of gimmicks you incorporate during the event must have a lasting impression on your attendees.

Use multiple channels in event promotion

We can’t deny the fact that technology has become an integral part of our everyday living, and most especially how we do business. In order to generate the highest amount of registrants, you’ve got to put so much time and energy in planning your event and make sure do the promotion correctly. Make use of all available resources like email, social media, public relations and media tie-ups. Also, touch base with your target attendees at the earliest time possible.

Post-event marketing campaign continues

Your post event-marketing must drive three things: maintain momentum for your next event, encourage registrants to move down the sales funnel and provide you with better and bigger ideas for the next event. But things don’t end here, after the event you will need to gather feedback (maybe via NPS survey) and measure ROI.

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MailOnLine’s Mt. Everest expedition was difficult and risky but careful planning and having the right people in the team made the trek easy, raised funds for mountaineering charity Community Action Nepal as the event’s ROI, and the dinner party, the tastiest success.