Callbox and HubSpot Concludes Successful Joint Sales and Marketing Webinar

Callbox and HubSpot Concludes Successful Joint Sales and Marketing Webinar

In the Callbox’s Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 kick-off webinar last February 27, attendees learned how to create the right sales cadence and the right process in carrying out successful handoffs of leads from marketing to sales, as well as the right channels, content and messaging to use that cohere with the buyer’s needs to help them gauge a customer’s readiness to buy. 

In case you missed the webinar, we’re making the recording available for you to watch. Click the button below to get the recording.


Callbox’s Creative Director for Marketing, Charmaine Española, and Client Services Manager, Mitos Aguadera expounded on the guidelines in building a sales cadence through the following topics: the cadence that will land you meetings, elements of a sales cadence, channels and content commonly used, expanding your sales cadence, a sales cadence for new sales.

Callbox was not alone in this course though. Hubspot, Callbox’s industry partner, represented by their Channel Consultant & APAC Agency Partner Programs, Chiara Gaviraghi, shared thought ideas about Smarketing, a tactic that helps align sales and marketing, delving into relevant topics that help achieve both teams’ objectives by using a common language, setting up an SLA (service level agreement) and using the right tools.

Both discussions from Callbox and Hubspot went very engaging and drew questions from participants such as

  • How to handle a non-responsive prospect
  • What would you suggest is the best method to track emails sent via Gmail to customers by sales consultants instead of using the CRM system
  • How to publicise the webinar.

Overall, webinar participants gained knowledge on scalable sales and marketing strategies that will ease their tracking efforts without duplicating or missing a step, refine challenging points and identify the most effective approaches, and focus and prioritize efforts on the most important tasks through sequencing.

Capping the webinar were some words of gratitude from the participants which inspired the Callbox team to hold another insightful course soon.

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Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 webinar – a success.