New Callbox Site Feature Brings Key B2B Industries into Sharper Focus

New Callbox Site Feature Brings Key B2B Industries into Sharper Focus

The ‘My Industry Insights’ tool combines information drawn from past campaigns and data pulled from Callbox’s proprietary marketing database to let site visitors accurately size up their target verticals.


The Callbox team recently launched a new feature on its website called ‘My Industry Insights’, an interactive tool that helps users gauge and explore the targeted marketing potential for their industry. Released as a follow-up to Callbox’s data preview tool unveiled in March, My Industry Insights adds to the company’s growing suite of capabilities tailored for data-driven B2B marketers.

With the newly-deployed tool, a user gains insights on the size and composition of the potential audience they can reach. My Industry Insights analyzes campaign results of companies identical to the user’s organization. It then applies this information to identify the most relevant decision makers from Callbox’s massive in-house database, so that site visitors can learn about:

  • How many relevant and interested decision makers they can connect with
  • The top industries and verticals where opportunities tend to come from
  • Callbox clients that belong to the site visitor’s industry
  • Some notable leads and appointments Callbox handed off to these clients
  • How many qualified appointments Callbox has delivered so far for clients in the specified industry

Users can quickly access all these stats on the My Industry Insights page by choosing their industry from a drop-down menu. Information on the most relevant verticals and their corresponding record counts are available under the “Target Industries” and “Top Industries” sections, respectively. Details on identical clients and notable appointments are displayed in the “Our Clients…” and “We Got Our Clients to Meet…” sections.

The team wants B2B marketers to leverage My Industry Insights in order to make informed decisions about working with Callbox. The Callbox team believes it’s not a matter of telling potential customers about the company’s capabilities; it’s all about showing what they can achieve with a Callbox campaign.

Callbox site visitors can now access My Industry Insights at



Try out our new My Industry Insights tool

Try out our new My Industry Insights Tool



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