client success story

ABM Campaign Twinned Success for Big Data & Analytics Leader

Sales Appointments
IT, Software
Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East
California (CA), USA
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Webinar Marketing
Target Location
Singapore (SG), Hong Kong (HK)
Target Industries
Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Engineering, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Gambling, Financial, Fashion...
Target Contacts
Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Security & Risk Officer, Financial Crime Analysts, Media Professionals...


  • Successfully completed an Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign for a Big Data Processing & Analytics leader.
  • Worked out outbound campaign activities that made the Client engage new leads and acquire new customers.
  • Achieved key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-qualified prospects delivered.

The Client

The Client is a major player in the Software industry, providing information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries in more than 180 countries around the globe. And by combining High Performance, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, they completely provide insights that benefit businesses, the environment and the global community.

Target Prospects

Product 1

Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Ethics Officer, Chief Security & Risk Officer, Chief Audit Executive, Senior VP or Head Of Risk, Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Head of Corporate Security, Head of Procurement, Head of Fraud Prevention, Director of M&A Activity

Influencers: IT Department, Risk Managers, Financial Crime Analysts, Due Diligence Analysts

Product 2

Media Professionals

Information & Data Professional: Knowledge Manager, Head of Information Services, Research manager, Analyst, Librarian, Corporate Librarian, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst

Strategist: Planner (VP, Director, Manager, Analyst), Competitive Intelligence (VP, Director, Manager), Consultant, Managing Consultant, Business Analyst

Financial Professional: CFO, Finance Director, Analyst, Business Advisor, Performance Measurement Analyst, Acquisition Program Analyst, Investment Manager, Market Data Analyst

Consultant: Consultant, Strategist, Librarian, Analyst, Partner

The Challenge

Part of the Client’s mission is to provide customers with solutions and decision tools that combine public and industry specific content with advanced technology and analytics to assist them in evaluating and predicting risk and enhancing operational efficiency, which made them a leading provider of essential information to help customers across industry and government assess, predict and manage risk. The seamless flow, however, was disrupted by the global plight of the pandemic, but by collaborating with the right network partners, resellers and integrators, these goals were effectively carried out.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an annual Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign package for the Client which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management  that included Voice, Email, Chat, Web, Webinar and Social Media.
  • Sales Enablement & Support with Training, Setup and Back Office Sales Support.
  • Tools & Subscriptions to Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRMs
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting and Product Knowledge.

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to promote two different products in separate target locations, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • The team was to reach out to prospects who have downloaded the whitepaper from the Client’s website.
  • Uncover prospect’s pain points and upcoming needs.
  • Set appointments for the Client’s consultants with qualified prospects.
  • Run and manage a webinar.

Below is the two-step campaign process:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, location and decision makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they want the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. The campaign’s target prospects were identified for each product.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas and was further grouped according to industry type.


The analytics leader has been working with Callbox for five years now, leveraging multi-channel marketing which constantly brings them good campaign results and steady sales. In fact, the recent campaign which is now in its 17th month, produced a total of 155 Sales Qualified Leads, 230 Requests for Information, and 468 Social Media Connections.

From the 155 SQLs, the Client was able to close 5 accounts worth US$ 42,900 in total.