All-Time High For Physiotherapy Systems Leader with Callbox [CASE STUDY]


All-Time High For Physiotherapy Systems Leader with Callbox



The Client is a 30-year old leading manufacturer of physiotherapy systems in Europe. Some key components of their product offering are innovative cardiology products, software and diagnostics products.

Physical Therapy Clinics & Chiropractic Offices (9 employees and below)

Business Owners, Head Physical Therapist, Doctor



The physiotherapy leader is intensively involved in every aspect of the business, moreso the production, and provides personal attention each step of the way. Their latest product is Single Use Adhesive Electrodes, an electrotherapy treatment that would benefit users by saving time, no storing and cleaning between treatments and avoiding cross contamination.

This family-run award-winning and customer-oriented physiotherapy systems manufacturer has been reaping success for years now but their new product which projects a higher standard compared with the existing ones required a more advanced, fast and comprehensive marketing program that would help them cope with the competition – enter the Callbox Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program.


The Client requested Callbox to maximize the capacity of the Multi Channel Marketing Program by utilizing the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool in communicating with prospects at the time when they are most available.

Callbox called the target decision makers to introduce the new product, Single Use Adhesive Electrodes. Prospects who agreed to receive a follow-up call from the Client’s sales representatives were further handled by the Client’s sales representatives themselves to further explain the product’s features and benefits which is instrumental in drafting the best project design for the prospect company.

Using the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Callbox team sent out introductory emails to prospects only to verify the validity of the contact details. Replies, website clicked and queries were tracked in real time for the agent to call.

After the call, prospects who requested for information were then reported to the Client to be sent brochures and forms as reference for the sales representatives in tailor-fitting a project design for them.


The initial result of the campaign was a pleasant surprise for the Client as Callbox produced 96 Appointments just halfway through the campaign period (middle of the second month of a 3-month campaign). Towards the end of the campaign, that number doubled to 192 Appointments, 72 of which were warm follow-ups.

The physiotherapy manufacturer leader thought they’ve had enough successes in the past and that they’ve ran the best marketing strategies in the business, but was in awe when the Callbox team pulled through with lofty results for the campaign. Their decision to partner up with the best in lead generation led them to an all-time high. Just goes to show how much proven expertise can make a difference.

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