Callbox Nets New Users for Analytics Firms Research Tool [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Nets New Users for
Analytics Firm’s Research Tool


The Client is the Malaysia division of a US-based company that supplies information and analytics products to professional and business customers worldwide. Its primary product line includes content-enabled workflow solutions for use in legal, regulatory and business research.

All Industries (Priorities: Government-Linked companies, local companies with overseas interests, Tourism and Hospitality, Automobiles, Oil & Gas, Finance-related, Food and Beverage)


With operations in over 175 countries and a 200-year company history, the Client leads the legal research and intelligence market across the globe. Professionals performing various research roles in law offices, government agencies, and private organizations make up the bulk of the Client’s customer base. The Client differentiates itself with its focus on combining deep content and technology to help customers gain business insights. The Client recently launched marketing initiatives aimed at increasing the number of users for its trademark media aggregation, monitoring, and analytics platform. Rolled out in 2015, the platform enjoyed steady user growth (both new and active) which remained fairly in line with targets. But with the introduction of new capabilities and similar solutions from competitors, the company decided to ramp up promotion and user adoption efforts. The plan calls for rapid and direct outreach to key personnel in charge of public relations and corporate communications at companies in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. The primary objectives revolve around setting up appointments for customer acquisition. Given the time horizon and the scope of the project, the Client concluded that outsourcing part of the prospecting activities was a better option than carrying out the whole program in-house. The company chose
Callbox as its marketing partner, citing Callbox’s extensive database of local companies and experience in the area as crucial factors.

• Launched an ongoing
appointment setting campaign to drive user growth for a research and analytics firm
• Connected with heads of PR and Corporate Communications from medium to large Malaysian companies
• Met campaign targets in the first two months, gearing up for third month


Callbox’s multi-channel appointment setting package meets the Client’s primary goal of carrying out accelerated and targeted one-on-one outreach. The campaign’s main strategy emphasizes live phone conversations enhanced with emails and other channels.

The Callbox team and representatives from the Client agree that all campaign tactics, activities, and materials should work toward prequalifying and setting up appointments with potential users of the media monitoring platform.


1. The prospect list consists of prospects handling PR or Corporate Communications at firms in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya with at least 50 employees and at least $5 million in annual revenues.

2. The call script includes probing questions that uncover prospects’ pain points encountered with their current media research/aggregation tools. The script also introduces the Client’s media monitoring platform as a viable alternative to prospects with an identified need.

3. Prospects who agree to meet with a representative from the Client are tagged as successful calls. The campaign team forwards all appointments to the Client via email notifications and Pipeline updates.


As of this writing, the campaign has just wrapped up its second full month and is gearing up for the third. The Callbox team spent the campaign’s first couple of weeks laying the groundwork for the main appointment setting activities. During this time, agents focused on gaining initial traction and navigating the hierarchy of decision-makers at the target organizations. It wasn’t until the first month’s closing weeks when steady appointment setting results began to seep into the pipeline.

So far, the campaign has managed to deliver:

• First month: 11 appointments
• Second month: 17 appointments

The Client maintains a benchmark lead-to-opportunity rate of 90% and a close rate of 70%. That works out to around 18 potential new users acquired from the ongoing campaign.

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