client success story
callbox case study for Climate Change Solutions firm in Paris, France

Lead Gen Success Secured for Climate Change Solutions Firm

Sales Qualified Appointments
Marketing Qualified Leads
Requests for Information
Geospatial Technology, 3D Imaging, IT, Software
Paris, France
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
US Market
Target Industries
Telecommunications, Utilities, City and County Governments
Target Contacts
CIO, IT Director/Manager, CFO, CEO, CIO, Purchasing Officer


  • Successfully completed an 8-month US-wide Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign for a global climate change solutions provider.
  • Worked outbound campaign activities that opened opportunities for the Client to engage new sets of target buyers.
  • Reached key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-qualified prospects delivered.

The Client

The Client is a climate change solutions provider that collaborates with cities and businesses to help them measure greenhouse gas emissions, identify locations where emissions can be reduced, and secure funding for necessary investments.

Their technology utilizes a combination of geospatial and satellite imagery, on-the-ground sensors, and AI data in a software platform to monitor air quality and carbon emissions in urban areas and industrial sites. They also employ these approaches to determine the carbon footprint of businesses and cities.

The Client’s innovative methods and expertise are aimed at creating a sustainable future for the planet by mitigating the effects of climate change and promoting environmental stewardship. Their work is crucial in promoting a healthier environment and reducing the impact of human activities on the planet.

The Challenge

Urban areas are characterized by their high density of buildings and factories and extensive transportation networks. However, factors like air pollution and improper waste management make them one of the largest sources of carbon emissions on the planet. 

The Client recognizes the need to combat the adverse effects of climate change and aims to help cities develop a robust strategy, secure funding, and monitor their progress.

To do this, the Client offers 3D image capture, and emissions monitoring solutions that use real-time data and focus on specific areas. This enables locations to track their emissions output by industry over time and evaluate the effectiveness of their decarbonization measures.

The Client has established its name in Europe and is now committed to expanding their services to the United States. Venturing into a new market can be challenging, especially in the highly-competitive geospatial technology sector.

To establish a strong foothold in the US market, the Client outsourced their lead generation and appointment-setting efforts to Callbox. The Client intends to leverage Callbox’s expertise to attract and secure a sizeable customer base in the region, which will be critical to the success of their business expansion and establishing a  prominent presence in the US market.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox devised a plan for a Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign for the digital solutions provider using Account-Based Marketing which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web, Social Media, and Webinar
  • Sales Enablement & Support which included Product Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Regular Reporting, and Product Knowledge

The Goals

  • Callbox was to generate leads based on the Client’s specific requirements.
  • To evaluate prospects according to their needs.
  • Schedule phone or in-person meetings with qualified prospects who expressed interest, and determine the pain points that Callbox can potentially address.

Below is the two-step process involved in the campaign:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they wanted the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Buyer personas identified as the campaign’s primary targets were the CIO, IT Director/Manager, CFO, CEO, CIO, and Purchasing Officer.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas and was further grouped according to industry type.


The 8-Month Lead Generation and Appointment campaign was able to generate 421 Sales-Qualified Appointments, 116 Marketing-Qualified Leads, 158 Requests for Information