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NZ B2B Media Company On Track to Hit Targets with Callbox [CASE STUDY]

NZ B2B Media Company On Track to Hit Targets with Callbox

Request for Information
New Zealand
New Zealand
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Auckland and Hamilton, NZ
Target Industries
All industries (except competitors)
Target Contacts
Sales and Marketing Manager, HR Manager, CEO, Managing Director, Director, Training Manager, Health and Safety Manager, Operations Manager, Product Manager


  • Combined one-on-one sales calls with targeted email outreach to drive conversations in successful NZ campaign
  • Handed off qualified sales appointments that match Client’s target customer profile and level of solution fit
  • Helped Client increase both sales opportunities and pipeline value

The Client

The Client provides corporate video production services to a wide range of businesses and organizations in New Zealand. The company specializes in video projects for advertising, corporate communications, event coverage, and motion graphics.

The Challenge

The Client offers video production services to corporate and business customers all over New Zealand. The company maintains a portfolio of video projects used in internal and external communications, company profiles, corporate announcements, events coverage, customer testimonials, product guides, training resources, and promotional materials.

The company recently ramped up its customer acquisition objectives, with particular focus given to mid-sized organizations located in the Auckland and Hamilton areas. The Client wanted to grow its market share in the “Golden Triangle” region, where the company expects demand for corporate video productions to outpace the rest of the country.

In order to meet its new targets with the sales resources and manpower it currently has, the Client believes it’s going to need the help of a third-party agency doing much of the top-of-funnel prospecting legwork, so that its sales development team can exclusively focus on mid- to bottom-of-funnel stages.

The Callbox Solution

The Client partnered with Callbox after reviewing proposals from a number of marketing agencies. Callbox met all the Client’s requirements in terms of value and experience, with the Client saying that the extensive New Zealand records in Callbox’s proprietary database was a key determining factor.

Callbox then closely collaborated with the Client to plan out a 3-month appointment setting campaign that integrated one-on-one calls with targeted email outreach. The campaign’s overall goal was to introduce the Client’s video production services to relevant decision makers from companies in its target industries and to book qualified prospects for a meeting with the Client’s reps.

Appointment Setting

  1. Callbox compiled the target list which included various job titles relevant to the Client’s suite of video production services.
  2. The Client reviewed and approved the call script which was prepared by the Callbox campaign team. Aside from probing questions, the script also included items designed to gather other pertinent information from the prospects.
  3. Successful calls included contacts who expressed interest to know more or currently have a definite video production requirement. Prospects who agreed to meet with the Client’s reps over the phone or at their office were tagged as qualified appointments.

Email Marketing

  1. Callbox created the template for initial email outreach, while the Client provided the template used to send out additional materials.
  2. The Callbox team continuously tracked and refined each component of the email marketing campaign in order to maximize response rates.
  3. The Client received real-time campaign updates and helped plan email marketing cadence using Callbox Pipeline, the company’s proprietary CRM and marketing automation tool.


The campaign began by initiating contact and nurturing warm leads through targeted email outreach. Accordingly, most of the results generated during the campaign’s first couple of weeks were almost exclusively related to email marketing initiatives, including average delivery rates of 98%, open rates of 33%, and CTRs of 7%.

As the initial phase started winding down during the second half of the first month, the campaign began seeing steady appointment setting results. Here’s a month-by-month breakdown:

  • 1st Month: 12 qualified appointments
  • 2nd Month: 13 qualified appointments
  • 3rd Month: 15 qualified appointments

Out of the 40 total qualified appointments, the Client expects to turn 75% (or 30) into sales-qualified opportunities. With average close rates of 60%, the Client can potentially generate around 18 new customers from the campaign within the next sales cycle.