client success story

Callbox ABM: A Quantum Success for Global Data Solutions Provider

IT, Software (Data protection, retention and management software systems)
Americas, EMEA, APAC
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Data Profiling, Event Marketing, Call-to-Invite
Target Location
New Zealand, Australia
Target Industries
Media & Entertainment, Government, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial, Retail
Target Contacts
IT Managers/Directors, PICs of IT


  • Successfully completed Events Marketing and Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaigns for a global data leader.
  • Worked outbound campaign activities that let the Client engage more new customers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Achieved key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-qualified prospects.

The Client

The Client is a global leader in data backup, data recovery, and archiving solutions, providing expert advice and integrated solutions for reliable and cost-effective data storage management to customers worldwide.

The Challenge

The Client previously hired a lead generation company, but needed additional support for other marketing initiatives that they wanted to work out for the current year. So they looked for a reliable telemarketing provider with significant regional experience and robust resources to augment their current activities. After searching and comparing several service providers online, the Client was impressed by Callbox’s long track record in the B2B lead generation industry, and immediately penned a deal.

The Callbox Solution

Being a data expert itself, the Client did a thorough analysis of which marketing tools and strategies would best work for their needs.

Callbox designed an Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web, and Social Media.
  • Sales Enablement & Support done via Staff Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support.
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM.
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting, and Product Knowledge.

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to invite participants to its open house events in Australia
  • Profile its database and generate market feedback to improve its sales lead generation campaign
  • Connect with prospects via social media

Below is the two-step campaign process:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, locations, and decision makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they wanted the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Both the Client and the Callbox team Identified two sets of target personas for the campaign.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type.


The Events Marketing campaign gathered a total of 61 RSVPs. The ABM campaign which ran for a total of 9 months produced a total of 165 Sales Qualified Leads, 291 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 468 Social Media Connections.