Vibration Test Leader Handles Tough Competition with Callbox Help [CASE STUDY]


Vibration Test Leader Handles Tough Competition with Callbox Help



The vibration and shock testing industry will not be as strong and reliable as it is now without this one company’s 50-year existence that continuously provides advanced vibration and shock system technologies to the market.

This leading vibration test equipment provider is composed of a team of engineers with vast exposure and professional experience who pride themselves in having been recognized as a major force in the industry and currently, globally servicing 30 countries with a broad range of vibration solutions and equipment.


Location: Singapore
Industry: Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction and Oil & Gas


The Client is driven by a goal to provide affordable and timely professional service thus giving them all the rights to confidently claim success for 50 long years.

However, the need to innovate and expand grew as competitors aggressed with new and different products and services that quickly mushroomed in the market. The Client, in order to not just keep up but to get ahead of the competition, carefully studied the competition and came up with strategic steps designed to address their concern:

  • First, conduct a market survey to profile accurate contact information of the target decision maker who would be the best recipient of the offer letter via email.
  • Second, introduce and promote specific products like Conditioning Monitoring Systems and Test & Measurement/Engineering Services.

With no amount of fickleness, the Client decided to outsource their marketing efforts but was quite skeptical on who would be the right lead generation provider who could design the best solution. There were three providers on the list but the Client chose Callbox.


Callbox tailored a Multi-Channel Marketing solution according to the Client’s requirements which started with:

With the use of the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Callbox team sent test mail to all contacts in order to test activeness. Inactive contacts were immediately replaced, scrubbing off DNE and DNCs and revalidating bounced emails, while active ones were promptly called to be profiled by updating the contact details: contact name, business address, phone numbers and emails. This list management activity was done all throughout the campaign period.

Once the target decision maker is profiled and agreed to opt-in for information, the agent sends out an initial copy of the Client’s brochure which contains CTAs like query box, website link and downloadable forms and product-specific brochures.

Callbox targets a one-call-resolution at every call made, so after the target confirms receipt of the information on his email, the agent proposes an appointment for him and the Client’s consultant, otherwise the call will be disposed as a follow-up for a couple of days (or at the prospect’s preferred schedule to be followed-up).

The appointment setting part contained two (2) sets of probing questions needed to be answered by prospects in order for the Client to uncover important information that will further profile the target business as to which product or service would address their needs:

A. Conditioning Monitoring Systems (strictly for Construction, Oil & Gas, Facility Management, Civil Engineering industries.

  • Do you have a monitoring system?
  • Are you facing problems in building maintenance? If yes, what kind of problems?
  • Do you have a maintenance engineer? In-house or outsourced? If outsourced, who? Contact name if possible.

B. Test & Measurement / Engineering Services (for all the other industries, such as: aerospace, automotive, chemical, medical – pharmaceutical, marine, plastic & polymer, consumer electronics, defence, communication, energy, healthcare, manufacturing)

  • Do you have in-house R&D?
  • Do you have in-house Quality Assurance Specialists? Do they do tests?
  • What kind of tests?


The campaign returned the following results:

  • 273 were Completely Profiled
  • 47 Appointments were set and received tailored proposals
  • 10 Leads were completed and currently in discussion with the Client’s consultants

The profiled contacts, appointments sets and leads completed apparently showed that the Client made the right decision to conceive and implement a much aggressive marketing strategy that resolved their business challenges and achieved the following successes: accurately profiled contact information of the target decision maker who were the best recipients of the offer letters and specific products like Conditioning Monitoring Systems and Test & Measurement / Engineering Services were fully and clearly introduced and promoted to target prospects.

Now, the vibration test equipment leader isn’t only fully equipped to innovate and expand its products and services but is more than ready to overcome any challenge that may come its way.

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