5 Business Etiquette You Should Observe In Events Telemarketing In Singapore

5 Business Etiquette You Should Observe In Events Telemarketing In Singapore

Known as the melting pot of culture and commerce, Singapore is voted as the easiest place to do business. With all the events happening every year, different cultures from all around the world wish to attend and participate. Singaporeans are used to dealing with different people when it comes to business.

However, the problem with events telemarketing in Singapore is the negative perception of the people when it comes to this kind of direct marketing. Well, we can’t blame them though. If we look at the history of what telemarketers have been doing to customers, you would understand the bitter aftertaste that some people have whenever this form of communication is brought up.

But how can you communicate and leave a good impression to your potential sales leads whenever you attend a business event and reassure them that it’s best to do business with you?

Here are 5 business etiquette to observe when attending telemarketing events in Singapore.

#1. Introduce yourself with a polite handshake and a warm smile.

A friendly handshake shows confidence and sincerity. These are the 2 qualities you want your prospect to see from you. If you project confidence and you show you’re sincere upon meeting someone, they are more likely to have confidence on what you’re going to say.

When to shake hands on business events?

  • When meeting someone
  • When you meet someone you’ve already met before (current or former client)
  • When ending a transaction

#2. Remembering their name.

As a professional salesperson, remembering the name of your B2B leads prospects is a must! This implies that you really are interested in them, and it adds a more personal touch in the business conversation. You can easily build rapport in this manner.

#3. Shut up in the elevator.

Whether you’re alone or with a marketing partner, never introduce yourself to everyone and start a business conversation inside the elevator. It’s a big turn off! Wait for the right time to discuss what you wanted to say to your prospects. A simple ‘hi’ with a warm smile will do.

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#4. Pay close attention to the person you are talking to.

When talking to a prospect, make sure to turn off your phone, or at least switch it to silent mode. They should have your undivided attention. If you want to impress your prospects and show professionalism, pay attention.

#5. Do not judge others.

Many business executives often come to an event in casual business attire. Singapore’s weather is usually hot, so smart or casual business shirts and pants or skirts is fine. So be nice to everyone you meet. Keep in mind that you came to solve a business problem, not comment about the fashion sense of the other party. Unless you are organizing a major fashion event, then that is a different story.

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Bonus tip:

Whenever you attend a business event, don’t forget to bring business cards. Exchanging of business cards upon contact is important. It’s an extension of your first meeting. How to hand over a business card?

The polite way of giving a business card is you do it with both hands and with the letter were written towards the receiver.