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We help businesses in key markets and those expanding in APAC connect with decision-makers and capture B2B sales opportunities through targeted inbound and outbound marketing.

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Callbox is the trusted partner of B2B business in APAC and across the globe, providing startups and established businesses with quality lead generation services since 2004.

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The Asia Pacific region is undeniably one of the most important markets for B2B companies looking to capture a large slice of their potential customers. While there’s plenty of opportunity to grow in APAC, a lot of businesses lack the experience and resources to run and manage an effective growth strategy.

Drive successful business expansion in APAC with Callbox's targeted lead generation solutions

Callbox helps businesses successfully expand to the Asia Pacific with targeted inbound and outbound sales and marketing. Our multi-touch, multi-channel account-based program that utilizes voice, email, social, chat, website, webinar, and SMS will set the stage for your brand to expand its market reach and shape up business success with ease and efficiency.

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APAC Lead Generation

Are you seeking effective entry strategies in these markets?

Expand to Singapore

Boost Singapore revenue using data-driven expertise. Meet targets and drive leads with campaigns designed for your needs.

Expand to Hong Kong

Secure B2B leads from HK with online, social, and cold call methods to find ideal qualified leads that help you close deals and grow.

Expand to Vietnam

Expand your customer base and bring in new clients in Vietnam across APAC with our proven B2B Lead Generation Solutions.

Expand to Malaysia

Enter the Malaysian market, seize B2B opportunities, and achieve business success through our personalized 1:1 telemarketing approach.

No matter your location, we help you reach broader audiences in APAC, the US, and Latin America.

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Top Ranking B2B Lead Generation Services

Over 14 years, Callbox has been driven to help B2B businesses of all sizes and sectors reach their business goals, one high-quality lead at a time. Our in-depth industry knowledge has earned us a good global reputation, helping businesses drive revenue and expand to wider markets, including APAC.

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Callbox Lead Generation Success Stories

ABM Campaign Twinned Success for Big Data & Analytics Leader

The Client is a major player in the Software industry, providing information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries in more than 180 countries. By combining High Performance, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, they completely provide insights that benefit businesses, the environment and the global community.

155 Sales Appointments
17 RSVPs
5 Closes

Callbox FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? We got answers for you. We're here to help with your B2B solutions. If you have any further questions, please shoot us a message or start a chat with us.

How can I generate leads and appointments in APAC?

To generate leads and appointments effectively in APAC, you need to use the right marketing strategies and channels to reach your target market and gain new clients. This includes prospecting, targeted outreach, tailored campaigns, and leveraging digital marketing and cold calling. You can also partner with a specialized APAC B2B agency like Callbox to amplify your lead generation efforts.

How can I successfully grow my business in the Asia Pacific region?

To thrive in Asia Pacific, expand strategically to markets like Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Outsourcing to an expert APAC lead generation provider unlocks high-quality sales leads by leveraging targeted prospecting and market expertise. Combined with robust sales and marketing strategies, this ensures successful growth in the dynamic APAC landscape.

What are the proven strategies to generate business sales leads?

Sales can be unpredictable, and lead generation is often seen as equally challenging by marketers. Here are the different strategies you can use to generate business sales leads:

Content Marketing: Create valuable content addressing audience problems, such as blog posts and webinars, with a clear call to action for sign-ups or downloads.

Inbound Marketing: Utilize SEO and PPC to drive website traffic, capturing contacts through free downloads or consultations once visitors arrive.

Social Media Marketing: Engage potential customers on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, sharing content, hosting contests, and providing information.

Email Marketing: Build a subscriber list for regular updates on company news, new products, and exclusive offers.

Industry Events: Network and gather insights at industry events to meet potential customers and foster industry connections.

Referrals: Leverage current customers for referrals, targeting individuals already familiar with your offerings.

Cold Calling: Strategically cold call researched potential customers who align with your products or services, introducing your company and value proposition.

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