B2B Marketing Trends in Asia 2022

Over the last decade, the condition of the B2B industry has changed tremendously. Businesses have had to rethink existing marketing strategies several times as a result of technological improvements and changing customer tastes and habits. As a B2B marketer, you should always be on top of the competition in order to keep your brand current and stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the most important B2B marketing trends to keep in mind in order to advertise your company more effectively in the future.

Video Marketing on The Rise

Interactive material, such as videos, has recently taken center stage in content marketing tactics for organizations. This isn’t only a B2C problem. Video marketing has become an important marketing approach for B2B companies as well.

The adaptability of videos is the primary reason for their popularity as a content medium. They provide an immersive and dynamic experience that allows customers to engage on a personal level. In other words, they assist in the humanization of a brand.

This added to the fact that videos may genuinely help you improve your search engine results, leads us to anticipate that B2B marketers in Asia will place a greater emphasis on video marketing.

Influencer Marketing

You’re incorrect if you think influencer marketing is just beneficial for B2C and not B2B.

When it comes to making a purchasing choice for their company, business purchasers don’t suddenly stop being consumers. In fact, emotional considerations influence 56 percent of final decisions rather than intellectual ones. As a result, suppliers must instill trust in their prospects in order for them to feel confident and excited about their brand.

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Good Interview Opportunities

Questions and Q&As with experts are a wonderful opportunity to interact with them and harness their experience to raise the authenticity of your content while also increasing visibility by having them post the interview on their networks.

LinkedIn is an example of an organization that tried this and saw great outcomes. It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is a B2B marketing powerhouse these days, but that wasn’t always the case. For a long time, it was only recognized as a job search/recruitment site.


Do you know what’s more effective than writing your own piece of content? It will be co-created with one or even more industry professionals. This technique will help you increase your reach, exposure, and, most importantly, credibility.

So, think about teaming up with an expert to write an article, whitepaper, eBook, podcast, or any other intriguing piece of content that can help you market your brand and show off fresh ideas.


Questions and Q&As with experts are a wonderful opportunity to interact with them and harness their experience to raise the authenticity of your content while also increasing visibility by having them post the interview on their network. Your loyal consumers, like your staff, have the ability to become brand evangelists.

When compared to any marketed material you produce, genuine customer evaluations and testimonies are more likely to be accepted and considered seriously. They’re an important element of the buyer’s experience and provide valuable social proof to encourage people to go down the funnel.

Email Marketing

Capturing emails on your website is about more than simply adding them to your marketing list for sales and promotions; it’s also about learning about their content preferences. They may be able to subscribe to a single item or a number of items.

Giving people choices, even if they are led choices, will allow the user and the brand to develop a fluid connection. Although the folks on your email list may not be “in-market” and ready to buy right now, you may nurture them until they are.

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Integrated Marketing Platform

Every marketing plan must include high-quality data (otherwise, how will you execute your campaigns and who will you target?) This data, however, will only be valuable if you can correctly evaluate it. Unfortunately, when dealing with massive volumes of data (we’re looking at you, Google Sheets), manual approaches are entirely worthless. In reality, when working with a lot of our clients, we discovered the following issues:

There is no automatic system in place to track and handle sales data. Because the systems they were utilizing wouldn’t interact with one another, there was no meaningful collaboration among marketing and sales teams.

Naturally, we advised them to transition to an integrated marketing platform that would allow them to define customer lifecycle stages, construct lead capture forms, send marketing emails, organize information and social media marketing, etc. For the most part, this has proven to be a key differentiator, allowing them to run more successful campaigns and produce more income.

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