Gain New Market Opportunities in Singapore with Outsourced Telemarketing Service

Gain New Market Opportunities in Singapore Through Outsourced Telemarketing Services

Been in the business for over 10 years? Can you still keep up with your competitors?

After 10 years of being in the business, I realized that the market is also changing. In order for my business to keep up with its competitors, I need to implement changes in strategy.

This year, I wanted to become aggressive in getting new customers for my business. After doing some research and planning, I decided to pursue my decision to consider outsourcing.

Let me tell you why…

I noticed that our sales are consistently dropping these past few months.  As a business owner, I can’t just sit and wait for my business to go down. In a corporate world where change is constant, every business should expand in order to improve their operations and compete in the market.

But why did I choose to outsource telemarketing?

To increase our sales, of course.

Here’s how we’ve increased our sales through outsourced telemarketing.

Meeting the team for the first time, lay out my plan, inform them our target market – who to look for, the type of industry that we are looking for, the size of the company, etc makes me feel nervous and excited at the same time.

There are a lot of things needed before we can officially start the campaign.

  • From their own database, they pulled out a list (based on my target market) for the sales rep to call and send it to me for approval. 

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  • They asked me to conduct product knowledge training for their team to understand and become familiar with my products and services.
  • They even drafted a script and send it to me so I can provide feedback and offer suggestions as well. Get your own script here!
  • Did some role play with the sales rep.

Finally, my most awaited part. They started calling for my campaign.

The first 6 months, I’m very impressed with the result. I’m getting 12-15 appointments per week. The appointments are warm prospects who are interested to look and know more about my product. The appointments are good opportunities for us because my sales team managed to turn half of these appointments into customers.

However, on our 7th month of running the campaign, the leads that we’re getting started to drop. We’re only getting 5 appointments in a week. Again, I started to worry. Good thing is, this time I’m working with professional telemarketers. At the end of my campaign, they sent me a report and we found out that most of the companies within my target market are already saturated. We need to make another change in our strategy. This time, we’ve decided to expand my target market to reach out to a wider market.

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My business is located in Pulau Ujong, the largest and the most populated island in Singapore. We’ve decided to start expanding my target market – location and target contacts. Eventually, we’re not just targeting Singaporeans but looking for new customers in Malaysia and all across Asia Pacific.  

My decision to outsource telemarketing is the biggest and the smartest decision I’ve ever made. My goal for my business grew because of the new opportunities found with the help of my outsourced telemarketing team.

– Amanda Lee, Marketing Manager

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