[Free Download] ABM Telemarketing Scripts for Cold Calling Key Software Personas

ABM Telemarketing Scripts for Cold Calling Key Software Personas Free Ebook

If there’s one channel that checks all the boxes in ABM outreach, it’s targeted phone calls. Outbound touches drive ABM results in five crucial areas:

  1. Gathering insights that help tailor your approach
  2. Building and growing meaningful relationships with each stakeholder
  3. Delivering relevant content and messaging to the right decision maker at the right time
  4. Providing a consistent and coherent brand experience across the different stages of the sales funnel
  5. Achieving true marketing and sales alignment

Targeted telemarketing helps you achieve all these and more, but it can be a little challenging to translate these into clear actions and actual messaging strategies.

That’s why the Callbox team recently put together a free downloadable resource that includes sample buyer profiles and telemarketing scripts tailored for ABM programs in the IT/software space.

We want this resource to serve as a practical guide and template for everyone looking to use the power of targeted phone calls in ABM. With this downloadable content, you’ll be able to integrate telemarketing into your ABM program in ways that impact results.

Here’s a quick preview.

Buyer Persona Templates

A buyer persona represents a specific stakeholder’s characteristics. It summarizes the demographic, professional, firmographic, and psychographic qualities related to a decision maker.

Buyer personas help you segment and personalize your messaging strategy according to the needs and preferences of each stakeholder. That’s why creating reliable buyer personas is critical to the success of your ABM outreach efforts.

This downloadable PDF includes sample buyer persona templates that outline the following characteristics:

  • Job Title/Professional Info
  • Demographics
  • Goals and Pain Points
  • Preferred Resources

We provide a filled-out buyer profile template for each of the four key buyer personas typically involved in software purchases:

  • Champion (your primary advocates in the target account)
  • Influencer (stakeholders with the authority and expertise to sway buying decisions)
  • Ratifier (decision makers with highly-specific concerns about a solution)
  • Economic Buyer (stakeholders who control the budget)

Targeted and Personalized Cold Call Scripts

One-on-one phone calls with stakeholders form an important component of an ABM outreach strategy. Phone calls work well at nurturing prospects that are in the middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) stages as well as converting stakeholders during the bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) phases.

But live calls are also very effective at connecting with potential prospects during the top-of-funnel stages. That’s because, when combined with other outbound channels like email, targeted calls can help you scale attracting and qualifying stakeholders early in the sales process.

For the downloadable resource, we compiled a complete cold calling script tailored for each of the above-mentioned software buyer personas. Each script covers all the key areas of compelling sales conversations:

  • Personalized introduction
  • Rapport-building tactics
  • Creating curiosity and highlighting pain points
  • Probing questions
  • Wrapping up

This proven formula for targeted sales conversations works well at engaging different stakeholders in an ABM setting. We provide these actual scripts to serve as your guide or reference when writing your own.


Outbound calls help drive results for ABM programs. Our downloadable buyer persona templates and call scripts will help you make the most of this crucial ABM channel. Get your copy today.

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