Use These Phrases to Impress Singaporean Prospects When Calling

Use These Phrases to Impress Singaporean Prospects When Calling

“How will I impress my prospects today?”

That’s a question every salesperson ask everyday. Sales professionals must make good impression in order to close a lead. And the first 30 seconds of their call is the most crucial because this is the part where they get the prospect’s attention and have them listen to what they’re about to offer.

The key to getting your prospect’s attention is, preparation. Many salesperson were unsuccessful because they’re not sure of what to say. To help you organize your pitch, prepare different rebuttals and address your prospects properly, I’ve divided your possible answers into 4 parts.

Problem statement.

This statement usually starts with, “I understand” or “I believe”


“I believe your company is in the market for a new accounting software to automate your accounting and bookkeeping.”

“I understand you’re looking for a credit card processing solution for your business.”

Proposed solution.

This statement reassures your prospect that you have they’re looking for.


“We can help you with that. You see, we offer software that can help you automate your accounting and bookkeeping.”

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This is where you tell them about what they can get when they consider your company.


“Our solution will help your organization streamline your IT business process.”

CTA (Call to Action).

These statement encourages the prospect to discuss more about their needs and how you can help their organization.


“ I would like to arrange for one of my Consultants to contact you and discuss our services and any issues that you might have and how we can help your business. Would you be available on Friday, February 17 at 10AM?”

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Here’s a common situation with 8 phrases that I normally use to get the prospects to listen and talk to me which leaves a good impression for my company. When greeting someone on the phone you must say your name clearly.

“Hi! This is Anna with XYZ company.”

Don’t ask, “How are you doing today?” Why? It shows lack of respect for your prospect’s time. Telemarketers must remember that whenever they call someone they’ve just interrupted the person they reached. What to do?

It’s best to sound business like. Be direct to the point. Tell them why you’re calling and make it quick.

“I’m calling because we’ve recently launched a solution which enables organization like yours to streamline their IT business process.”

Get a reason to continue the call. How? Probe! Ask questions from your prospect’s point of view.

“Are you currently using any cloud-based mobile document management solution?”

“What mobile solution are you currently using?”

“Do you know how much your company spends per year to manage your paper documents?”

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Your goal here is to get to know their current setup and get them to listen and talk to you. Now that you have an idea about their issues within their organization, make a connection by saying showing empathy.

“I understand where you’re coming from. We can definitely help you with that. You see we are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and we specialized in helping companies improve their IT business process.”

“Are you open to look at this time of solution for your business?”


Lastly, get a commitment.

“ I would like to have one of my Consultant give you a phone call and discuss any issues that you might have and how we can help your business. Would you be available on Friday, February 17 at 10AM?”

Follow what I did on this situation. Focus on the message and how it is delivered to impress your prospects and close more sales.