How Outsourced Appointment Setting Teams help Accelerate Growth

Looking for prospects is hard but having qualified sales leads is even more challenging.

In order to increase sales and compete with your competitors, it is important to consistently generate a dependable supply of quality leads for your business.

However, according to Sales Statistics from the National Sales Executive Association,

  • 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect tweet!
  • 25% of salespeople make a second contact and stop tweet!
  • 12% of salespeople only make three contacts and stop tweet!
  • Only 10% of salespeople make more than three contacts tweet!
  • 2% of sales are made on the first contact tweet!
  • 3% of sales are made on the second contact tweet!
  • 5% of sales are made on the third contact tweet!
  • 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact tweet!
  • 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact tweet!

That is why many business owners and marketers are considering outsourcing their appointment-setting campaigns. Why? Companies that offer B2B appointment-setting services allow their sales team to stop doing cold calls and just focus on calling only warm qualified prospects. Know how much appointment-setting services cost today.

Here’s how an appointment-setting team can help you avoid the frustrations of your sales team, save money and effort, grow your business, and generate better ROI.

  1. The appointment setting team lets you simplify your sales team’s effort by just focusing on warm leads passed on to them.
  2. Outsourced B2B appointment-setting companies usually use a multi-channel approach – voice, emails, social media, web, mobile, and chat to reach out and engage with their prospects. 

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  3. They also have a list of profiled and targeted prospects of different C-level executives. 
  4. They have their own tools to manage, monitor, and provide reports with detailed information about the prospects for your sales agent to use as a reference when they do the follow-up call. 

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  5. The appointment-setting team provides a higher sales conversion rate because they only schedule appointment decision-makers with opportunities and that can be easily converted to sales.

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  6. They have dedicated and professional sales reps. Outsourced appointment-setting companies invest in their people. They make sure they only hire skilled professional sales reps.
  7. They are experts in what they do. They know what they’re doing. Leaving your appointment-setting campaign to the experts allows you to do more important tasks such as;
    • Looking for ways to improve and develop your products and services
    • Balance personal and work by spending time with your family.

  8. They already have a proven track record of their success. Appointment-setting companies who have been in the business for more than 10 years already have experience in finding high-quality sales leads because they’ve handled different types of decision-makers and campaigns. Plus, they also have a proven process on how to make sure they deliver better ROI for their clients.

Working with an outsourced appointment-setting team lets you shorten your sales cycle because you’ll only be getting leads with opportunities. Meaning, those leads are already pre-qualified warm prospects that are looking, in the market or interested to know more about your product and services.

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