How to Farm for Leads and Harvest Hefty Conversions

How to Farm for Leads and Harvest Hefty Conversions

Too many articles liken B2B lead generation to maintaining a patch of farmland. Perhaps, no better metaphor could be conjured, since farming and marketing have characteristics planted on the common ground.

This is more so because leads are like seeds that need incessant care and a good deal of nurturing for them to provide succulent fruits in the form of sales closes.

And of course, you need the proper techniques and machinery in order to produce high-yielding varieties.

“25% of the total number of leads are considered high in quality and around 5-10% are converted into actual sales.” 

Businesses need leads in order to survive and to compete in the market. Having the right techniques and tools can help in converting the remaining 75% into customers.

In this article, let’s discuss how to generate leads quickly and convert them into actual customers. Let us put our green thumb to work by applying these tips.

Internet and Telemarketing Tandem.

Although telemarketing is considered an “old school” type of marketing, no doubt it can be a huge help when it comes to generating new leads for your business.

Many decision makers believe that telemarketing is dead and all other myths because of the advance in the technology. While this has yet to be proven, using email, social, web and telephone correspondence to nurture leads is still the best practice. Each channel has distinct characteristics to help generate leads for your business.

  • Email has the ability to reach out to prospects regardless of your prospect’s availability.
  • The telephone doesn’t guarantee a high response rate but has the highest conversion rate quickly among channels because you get an immediate answer from your prospects. 
  • Social is the easiest way to reach our prospects. A number of social media users in Singapore.
    • 72% have Facebook and 42% uses FB messenger
    • 43% are Instagram users
    • 33% have Twitter
    • 32% uses LinkedIn
    • 30% are GooglePlus users
  • The Web has the longest process. Blog conversions and having a high ranking website takes time and effort. However, 81.3% of Singaporeans are internet users. Meaning, if you have established your content and created enough traffic for your website, this can help you generate enough leads for your sales team to nurture and convert into customers.

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Frame your Audience.

We don’t mean taking a picture of them and hang them on your office wall. Know who your prospects are and find out what they want. You can use lead generation tools such as online surveys and webinars will help you get a better picture of your target market, their concerns, and preferences. This will help you create your own strategies and have a fresh face every time a new trend comes up.

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Now, these two points may seem insufficient, but when applied, they may just bear the results you always wanted. Create a program in which both marketing and sales can collaborate in prospecting for qualified leads.

Farming is tough and so is lead generation. But by gaining a thorough understanding of the quality of the land you are tilling as well as having the right tools to use, you can definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor in the end.