Why You Should Join this Year’s CommunicAsia and Other Tech Events in Singapore

Why You Should Join this Year’s CommunicAsia and Other Tech Events in Singapore

The thing about events such as conferences and trade shows is that they offer something new to the people that attend them. Of course, events are a vital component in industries where innovation is constant, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see hundreds of tech events being held every year.

Beyond the free snacks and venue goodies, these events also function to spread knowledge and awareness about the most critical issues affecting the tech industry on the whole. For the tech sector, expos and conventions provide a great way to know the latest trends that could affect certain markets, and for B2B tech companies to link up with potential business partners and industry leaders.

In this sense, it is imperative for a tech company to join such events, knowing their value along the lines of brand building and marketing. For Singaporean tech firms, joining important industry events makes all the difference if they aim to compete with other brands and make themselves more visible to potential clients.

Fortunately, there’s CommunicAsia 2018 to look forward to. Read on to know why you should sign up as an exhibitor, in case you haven’t yet.

Defining the future of ICT

Dubbed as “Asia’s most established and relevant event for industry professionals in the telecommunications sector,” CommunicAsia 2018 aims to gather influencers and stakeholders in a three-day engagement to discuss new technologies and developments in the ICT industry.

Happening from June 26 to 28 at the Marina Bay Sands, the event features an exhibition covering key ICT areas such as broadband connectivity, wireless systems, fiber optics, as well as software and applications development. Through this exhibition, ICT companies can present innovative products and ideas to potential B2B buyers. Coverage by international media partners, on the other hand, can help you boost brand awareness, and enhance your reach and industry clout. This would give your audiences more than enough reason to have you as their solutions provider.

An important component of CommunicAsia is SatComm 2018, which sees prominent organisations and businesses involved in satellite communications come together and discuss new innovations in satellite-based technologies.

There’s so much more to experience in this year’s CommunicAsia 2018 that this article could barely cover everything. Unable to join? No matter. There are still equally significant tech events in Singapore that you might want to take part in.

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Slush Singapore

There’s no doubting the fact that startups have become a driving force of innovation. Slush Singapore seeks aims to be an event that celebrates the start-up culture by gathering leaders of growing business to form a community “built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.” If you have a new and outrageous idea to present to the world, Slush would be an ideal venue for it. With close to 5,000 attendees and 360 participating startups last year, Slush is touted as one of the biggest tech events in Singapore.

Also held at the Marina Bay Sands, this event provides businesses with an opportunity to connect with their audiences. Along the way, they can share their insights on the things that matter to their industry through the World Cafe sessions that take the form of one-on-one meetings. You can build linkages with over 400 decision makers and discuss the many challenges affecting data security and product innovation in the IT sector. Indeed you can discuss these and a lot more important things when you sign up for the Industry of Things World Asia today.

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Bringing together influencers and innovators in the field of data and network management, this event is definitely the right venue for tech companies to position themselves as leaders in their own respective niches. The summit features presentations on recent AI trends, highlighting the actual application and benefits of AI. Other than that, you can also join the summit to expand your network of industry affiliates and update skills and capacities in developing and applying AI technologies for a variety of purposes. No doubt, you will gain more than the usual stuff from a typical tech event since you will be treated to an extensive knowledge sharing session with major industry players coming from Asia and elsewhere.

Your Pre-event and Post-event Plan

The number of people who are present at the venue will determine the success of the event. Hitting your target number of attendees requires a top-to-toe effort from pre-show marketing, event day presentations, and channels utilization.

Pre-Event Marketing and Social Media

Make use of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Buffer, Pocket, Email, and Whatsapp to announce and disseminate information about the upcoming event. Send out emails, create blog posts and link to your social media pages like Facebook.

Such tactic made the Singapore Fintech Festival last year a big success. It brought together fintech players, policy makers, financial industry leaders, venture capitalists, investors, tech entrepreneurs, and academics. The 2017 festival drew more than 13,000 participants from across 60 countries, became an excellent platform for key stakeholders of the global and regional fintech community to connect, learn from one another, and co-create new solutions to real problems.

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Publicize Before, During and Post Event

Trade shows must not simply amaze attendees with nice big booths and product demonstrations but should showcase something that would draw good lead traffic of interested customers. Organizers may create attractions like well-known persons in the industry or display LED screens that feature testimonials of successful individuals in the industry and previous events.

Highlight the event’s subject or product focus in all your media channels, and invite industry thought-leaders as speakers. Get a good publicity about your trade show before, during and after the event by partnering with top media agencies just as how the last Fintech Festival was headlined by Insurance Business: Singapore Fintech Festival to focus on ASEAN and AI.

Also, it would be best if you could accomplish everything in your checklist a year or six months at the least before the event to draw a bigger crowd, jam-packed venue and showcase better and more exciting activities.

In fact, the upcoming 2018 Singapore Fintech Festival on 12 to 16 November is up and ready as of press time. You will see all the information about the show at Home – Singapore FinTech Festival 2018 like exact dates and venue, feature presentations of exhibitions and conferences, demonstrations and summit.

Lastly, create at least three CTA buttons for registration, and don’t forget to include links to more information about the event, attendees and event presentations and contact information.

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