APAC B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Singapore Companies


Having gone through substantial changes, mainly, digital, and social, lead generation at present means to focus on being found and nurture long-term relationships with buyers.

Let’s dive into learning how businesses in Singapore can generating more leads across APAC to drive sales leads for long-term success:

Using Direct Engagement

This approach is all about interacting with your target prospects on a one-on-one basis. It doesn’t require any third party or an in-between medium; this tactic basically involves reaching out to prospects head-on. You can directly engage with your target prospects and gauge their interest through live chatting, forums, etc.

To start with, you can form a team of experts who will be able to respond to any queries or doubts that your prospects might have. This should be done in a manner that works towards building their interest in your brand until you can finally convert them into paying customers. The key is to be as authentic as you can be by going out there to tell them about your brand, what it has to offer, and why they would be better off with you.

Market Your Brand on LinkedIn

From establishing partnerships, winning leads, to creating brand awareness, LinkedIn’s got it all. An essentially business-centric platform, LinkedIn is an amazing space for driving new business leads, through the correct marketing strategy. More than 80% of social leads for B2B are generated on LinkedIn and it also beats all the other social media platforms. Get started with:

  • Defining your goals
  • Optimizing your search
  • Publish engaging content
  • Use rich media
  • Sponsor your post
  • Create LinkedIn ads
  • Leveraging LinkedIn analytics
  • Have a well-devised plan in place to ensure that you reach out to the right people and establish meaningful connections 

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Importance of CTA (Call to Action)

Your lead generation efforts and strategies are worth nothing if you don’t call your targets to action. Prompt your visitors to take the action that you want them to take by placing the CTA button on your landing page or at the end of your blog or video. Some examples of this are:

  • Free trials sign up buttons
  • Download buttons
  • Add to cart buttons

The whole point of having a CTA is to prompt visitors or prospects to do what you want them to do and convert them in the process.

Use of Cloud Telephony

Companies have started switching from their legacy phone platforms to cloud telephony for the cost-effectiveness and convenience that technology offers. Not only does it help offer a better customer experience but also increases the efficiency of the salespeople. When incorporated with certain tools and tactics cloud telephony can help you:

  • help you keep track of missed calls and can distribute them to the appropriate channel
  • Go local
  • Be more flexible
  • Scale your Salesforce

Try Guest Blogging

Another helpful tactic is to guest blog in order to drive leads. Getting traffic and making yourself heard can be a difficult task to accomplish, especially when there’s so much noise out there. It is important to take notice before people can even stop by to listen to your offer. To capture leads through guest blogging you need to:

  • Direct the visitors who come for consuming your content to your landing page. This has to be done in a very tactical manner so as to not come off as desperate or “super-salesy”.
  • Only guest blog for a trusted website. It goes without saying but picking a website that isn’t credible or respected enough might get you started on the wrong foot. 
  • Make valuable, high quality, and relevant content.
  • Ensure your content is unique and not pulled-off of other blogging sites.

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Outsource is Key

The reality we have to face is that there will always be companies better than our own. So, lead generation and outsourcing are the biggest examples of how other companies perform better and many digital marketers are not afraid to outsource to other people if these people are better in a specific aspect of their business process.

The same goes with B2B. You’re not always going to ace lead generation on your own, so it’s wiser to assign it to a group of professionals. This way, you can save the cost and time that you would’ve ended up spending to generate leads by yourself. 

The strategies listed above are a few of the essential strategies for you to incorporate, and by taking these into account you’ll ensure that your business is always on the right track to growth and expansion. Times and inventions may be continually changing especially as you’re looking into the market across APAC, but it is crucial to remember one’s core values and how that can make your customers’ lives more meaningful.

Author Bio:

Katrina Chua Katrina works as the Marketing Manager at Callbox Singapore. She helps companies in Asia Pacific countries increase their business revenue through lead generation and appointment setting services. Follow Katrina on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.