A Must-Try Strategy to Generate Fintech Leads in Singapore

A Must-Try Strategy to Generate Fintech Leads in Singapore

Currently, the financial technology sector in Singapore is booming. However, generating new sales leads can be a bit challenging. There are a lot of missed opportunities, for reasons such as;

  • Sales reps are not targeting the right people
  • You have the right audience but you struggle to convert visitors into leads.
  • You have a lot of leads but you failed to nurture them so only a few of them were converted into actual sales.

That is why more and more FinTech companies are always looking for ways to generate more leads for their business.

When launching new products into a rapidly changing and highly competitive Fintech industry, a solid strategy is the key to success. So what will you do to make sure you’ll keep up with your competitors?

Reach out, get in front of them and present your product as if it’s the only way to help them reduce costs, risks and increase profits.

When you’re talking about a lead generation, you have to be visible to your prospects. But I think for a lead generation for Fintech industry, relationship marketing is your best option.


Simple.  Relationship marketing is all about making connections with your customers.

For Fintech Industry, understanding your customer’s needs, wants and pains are important. Customers often leave a company because they were frustrated with the customer service.

One way of creating a long-term relationship with your customers is to nurture them by providing the best service they could possibly get.

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For example, banks make sure they have online apps to provide convenience to their customers in order to be considered. More than 50% of prospects use their mobile device to do transactions such as online payment and money transfer.  

According to The Straights Time, cashless payments are growing not just in Singapore but all over Asia. Many customers consider banks who offer convenience and safety of not having to carry cash, especially when traveling.

However, in order to excel at relationship marketing, a company needs to maximize the value of their relationship with their customers to make sure they keep coming back.

Continue to build a stronger relationship with your customers/prospects.

Customer relationship doesn’t stop when a customer buys from you. So focus on long-term customer engagement. Continue to develop strong customer connections. Not only they will continue to buy from you but they are more than willing to do a word-of-mouth promotion to their family and friends that will surely increase your sales.

Make use of the technology and social media to establish a stronger connection with your customers/prospects.

The purpose of social media is for businesses to engage with their customers. Let’s face it, people are shopping online and educate themselves by reading through the internet. In fact, prospects want to know as much as possible about a product or a company before they decide to purchase. So use it to your advantage.

By following the best practices in this article and using some of these Fintech marketing strategies, you can be sure to take a bigger slice of the market.

And, whatever you do, make sure you don’t overload your marketing team. Your product is already specialized enough without them having to look into other roles within the company simultaneously.

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Whether you choose to do inbound or outbound marketing, by using these strategies, you’ll attract more prospects, get them interested in your solution and nurture them until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying journey and consider doing business with you.