How to make Prospect Realize They Need your Product or Services

How to make Prospect Realize They Need your Product or Services

When I was new in the sales industry, I feel the need to tell my prospects that my product is “the best in the market”. However, I found out that you don’t need to rush into talking about your product or service. In order to sell effectively, you would want to make your prospects feel comfortable when talking to you. Why? Because people often talk to or buy from someone they know and trust.

With that being said, here are the 5 psychological triggers that would make prospects want your product and services.

Tell a different story, every time.

Customize your approach. Most sales reps research about their prospects (check on their social media profiles) before calling them. As a salesperson, you should know prospects are different. They are going through different problems and have different needs. So having the same sales pitch may work to some but won’t be applicable to others.

For example, a prospect with problems on their accounting software would want to hear you can help them with their accounting needs. While a prospect who is looking for a payroll solution is willing to talk to you if you can offer them a payroll solution.

But how do you identify your prospects’ needs? Ask about their current setup. Focus on their pain and be happy to offer a solution.

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Associate pain with pleasure.

Focus on your prospects rather than telling more about your products and services. Identify their pain and empathize.

How to identify their pain? Ask about their current setup.

For example: You’re selling software over the phone. You can ask questions such as;

“What software are you currently using? For how long?”

“How is it working for you?”

“Do you have any issues or challenges with your current software?”

“Are there any areas that you wish to improve?”

By asking these questions, you are trying to find out what do they need and what solution you can offer that can help them solve their problems.

How to empathize? Use lines such as;

“I understand where you’re coming from.”

“I see what you’re going through.”

However, most of the time, the main issue is that many prospects don’t know they have a problem until you pointed it out to them. So dig in and make them realize they have a problem with their organization. Upon knowing their pain and making them feel you understand what they’re going through, be happy to offer a solution to their problems. Make it sound like you’re the only one who can help them.

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Inspire curiosity.

When talking to prospects over the phone, don’t tell everything about your product. Prospects who are curious are more likely to listen to what you are about to say – whether they need it or not.

How to trigger curiosity?

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Build anticipation for the introduction.

Tell them what they’re going to get when they listen to you.

For example:

I’m calling about your software and I’d like to find out how we can help you improve your business operations.

Tell a story but don’t finish it.

For example:

You’re probably wondering how ABC Co. and XYZ Company (mention any clients that you might have) became number 1 in their industry? You’ll be surprised how they managed to grow big and stay ahead of their competitors.

Also, participating in events is a good way to use curiosity, why? Prospects can see your product at the same time, you can Demonstrate how your product or service could be the only solution they’ll need. Whether you do it in-house or would consider outsourcing, the whole point of lead generation is making prospects realize they have a problem with their organization and your product or service is the solution.

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Very seldom you’ll find prospects that are really interested. So if I were you, just pick up that phone and talk to them. They might say no, for now, but if you nurture and build a relationship with them they’ll eventually say yes when they’re ready to do business with you.